About The Wright Company (TWC)

My name is Karen Wright and I am the president of TWC, which was created to assist tenant and condo associations in becoming self-managed and to address other related association and administrative issues.


Currently, I serve as president of The 526 Kenyon Street, N.W. Tenants Association and have been in this position since 2003. As president of the Association, my responsibilities included securing financing, hiring legal representation, development consultants, property managers and general contractors. Also, I managed the $2.7 million dollar renovation project; represented the Association before the City Council to address affordable housing. More recently, I represented the Association at DHCD in order to secure loan payment deferments; met with DC Tax and Revenue to successfully resolve tax issues; negotiated contracts on behalf of Association and reconciled financials.


As you are probably aware, the affordable housing community is often subjective to challenges by its management companies and is faced with making decisions with information rather than education. TWC will provide the education, the insight and the perspective to properly manage your association as well as review your current program to ascertain if assistance is needed. If your Board is dedicated with a committed membership, TWC is available to assist you.