The Wright Company (TWC) Can


  • Determine if your organization is a candidate for self-management
  • Identify benefits of self-management
  • Address issues, problems and concerns
  • Develop and organize procedures
  • Provide workshops and lectures
  • Offer monitoring services
  • Provide options for reporting and data entry
  • Offer sound maintenance options
  • Recommend cohesive special project options
  • Review your current self-managing program to correct problematic areas



TWC is committed to focusing on every opportunity available and necessary to address your project from start to finish. TWC is committed to helping you avoid the pitfalls that plague the affordable housing industry. TWC can deal with one particular issue or the entire project. TWC is willing to be your voice with government officials and others. More importantly, TWC is ready to assist your association with meeting and/or fulfilling its needs.


To get started, just contact us and remember no issue is to small or to large for TWC.